Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's a Birthday Party!

Blog About Website BadgeLadies and gents, we have reached a milestone.  A person, or rather an establishment that is near and dear to my heart is turning 125 today! So let's take our hats off to Ouachita Baptist University for reaching it's Quasquicentennial! (Yes, I looked it up)

Well OBU is doing something really neat for its birthday.  The alumni office is asking people to blog about their favorite Ouachita memory.  I thought this would be an impossible feat considering I have quite a few, but I figure for the sake of the blog and for the readers, I would narrow it down.

My favorite Ouachita memory is... living the dorm life.

Tigers for Life
 When I first was thinking about OBU, there were a couple of things that were holding me back.  The first was that there were only about 1,500 students. I come from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex! My high school had more students than that.  How on earth could I enjoy the small town of Arkadelphia with the small school to match? My second concern was that I would be living in a dorm until at least my senior year.  After hearing all the fun times my friends, who were away at big universities living in apartments, I thought there was no way that I could possibly have fun in a cramped.. old.. dirty.. dorm room.

Boy was I wrong.

Within the first week of being OBU, I met more people, NICE people, than I ever did at the university I transferred from.  I couldn't believe how welcoming the entire campus felt.  I also settled into my dorm room fast and realized how much fun it was to meet all the girls on my hall.  I started off in Maddox and loved every minute of running into other girls' rooms and constantly borrowing clothes and having fellowship with everyone.

Blowing up balloons for a surprise party. Group effort.

I lived in a dorm my entire Ouachita career.  I started off in Maddox and ended in Gosser (or.. as some call it.. the "new" dorms).  While living the dorm life, I met some amazing girls that became my best friends and some even my roommates.  It was like I had a slumber party every night in college!

Slumber party with roommates/friends!
There are many more memories I can write about for Ouachita... Beach Reach, Tiger Tunes, random trips, CDAs (Campus Drive Arounds), EEE... but at the end of the day, when I went back to my dorm with my best friends.. the best memories were made with the conversations with friends.  Whether we were laughing or crying or laughing until we cried, I will never forget those days.

And now.. my favorite pictures of my time at Ouachita for your enjoyment.

Campus Ministries Tiger Tunes 2008 -- "Reunion" Aka: Old People

Tiger Serve Day 2008 with our host
Beach Reach 2009 - Panama City

4th Floor Guys Easter Egg Hunt

Tiger Traks 2009 -- Yah!

Matters of the hEEEart 5k -- 2009

EEE Tiger Tunes 2009 -- Flight 1925 (I'm the excited little boy)

Pledge Week .. Dress-Up Night! 2010

Pre-game warm up for Team Beyonce Intramural Basketball -- 2010
The females of our CoEd softball team, Title 9 - 2010
Spring Picture -- EEE PC 09, 2010

OBU Graduation 2010

EEE 50s Twirp Night -- 2010

EEE Tiger Tunes 2010 -- "Ring by Spring"

CoEd Volleyball Team 2010

EEE Outing in Branson 2010

OBU Graduation 2011
(I'm a Decemeber 2010 grad :))

Again, Happy Birthday Ouachita! I wish you 125 more.

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  1. Fun pictures and great memories! I agree. Some of my best OBU memories happened in the dorm!